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“Am I the only one feeling this way?”  I’ve said that a lot as I’ve faced some really hard times in life.  When I felt I was the only one going through this or that (huh…”this or that” makes it sound so simple!), those hills were so much harder to climb!

“You should write a book.”  People have told me that a few times. But when I look back on some of my most challenging experiences, it doesn’t seem book worthy.  It doesn’t even seem Facebook worthy.  I was just trying to cope.  Keep my head above water. But I’ve started to share my experiences with audiences and people listen.  Apparently, you’re all going through something similar too.  Who knew parenting could be so tough?  (Our parents told us that, but we couldn’t resist, could we?)  Who knew that parenting alone would make that job even tougher?  Divorce was as horrible as everyone said it would be.  Dealing with suicide would tangle me up in an endless knot.  And who would have ever thought that dating again would be so confusing?

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