Welcome to my blog.

“Am I the only one feeling this way?”  I’ve said that a lot as I’ve faced some really hard times in life.  When I felt I was the only one going through this or that (huh…”this or that” makes it sound so simple!), those hills were so much harder to climb!

“You should write a book.”  People have told me that a few times. But when I look back on some of my most challenging experiences, it doesn’t seem book worthy.  It doesn’t even seem Facebook worthy.  I was just trying to cope.  Keep my head above water. But I’ve started to share my experiences with audiences and people listen.  Apparently, you’re all going through something similar too.  Who knew parenting could be so tough?  (Our parents told us that, but we couldn’t resist, could we?)  Who knew that parenting alone would make that job even tougher?  Divorce was as horrible as everyone said it would be.  Dealing with suicide would tangle me up in an endless knot.  And who would have ever thought that dating again would be so confusing?

“Advice is cheap,” they say.  But, honestly, I looked for advice in the midst of what felt like a unique circumstance. It seemed like I frequently came up so empty. I usually got the “I’ll pray for you” response. Don’t get me wrong. I needed those prayers! I think those prayers led me to think outside the box sometimes. Or stumble onto a really good book.  But sometimes I wished I would have had more help in changing my perspective on things. A practical new idea to just try. Maybe it wouldn’t work, but I would have felt like I was doing something.  Maybe it was just a paradigm shift that would bring me some peace.

So this is an attempt to fill that void.  A look into my rear view mirror to some of the most challenging chapters in my life.  Maybe it’s nothing new to you.  But just good to know that someone else has been in your shoes.  Maybe it’s a new idea you can try with your kids. Maybe it’s just changing the way you’re looking at things to give you a fresh approach.

Whatever you find here, join me in the conversation.  I can share an experience of my own that might help you.  I can share mistakes I regret that help you avoid the same thing. I want to take some of the hard stuff and hand you some tools you can use.  And for you to know above all else, you’re not alone.


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