“I’m a great parent,” said no one ever.

I don’t know any parent who gets through it all, looks back and says, “Man, I nailed that in every area – every aspect!”  You interview parents who are done with that chapter and they say something like this, “Well, I made a lot of mistakes…”  or “Well, I had one kid there that really was a challenge,” or  “Well, I sometimes wonder what we did wrong…”

Just as an experiment, ask your own parents.  Text or email them this question right now, “Do you think you were good at parenting?”  (Be careful that you don’t just leave that question hanging there with them.  You’ll need to follow up with a “thank you for all you did.”)

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4 Statements I can’t stand to hear.

“Everything happens for a reason”
I think this statement is cruel. It makes it sound as if God wanted it happen. And it doesn’t seem to line up with the God I’m coming to know more and more each day. I think that the God who sacrificed so much for me, would not make bad things happen to me.  “This I know…for the Bible tells me so.”  That’s what the little song says. Right?  I know that he is incredibly sad when things in this world hurt me or make me sad. I know he is “close to the brokenhearted,” and that he sees “every tear that falls.”  What happens to me in this world matters very much to him. But, that’s just it – we live in a broken world. Oh, so broken. So many injustices. God’s world is a Garden of Eden. He doesn’t wish for families to break apart. He is sad when people leave this earth because of cancer. He is crushed when a dad puts a bullet in his chest because he just can’t take it anymore.

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